Watch&STUDY: Stanford ECorner: Most Popular Videos 2012-13

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Most Popular Entrepreneurship Videos: 2012-13

As we begin preparations for the 2013-14 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar, we thought you might enjoy taking a look at some of the most popular videos from the past academic year. Featuring insights from compelling founders and thinkers, enjoy these videos, presented by ECorner and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

image.html?type=ImageMaterialThumbnail&id=3133Video: Solutions Over Ideas

Ankit Gupta, Pulse – 2 min. 35 sec.
Pulse Co-Founder Ankit Gupta explains why startups based on an idea, rather than a solution, will struggle to gain traction with customers.

image.html?type=ImageMaterialThumbnail&id=3006Video: Presence Plays a Role

Olivia Fox Cabane, Author – 4 min. 16 sec.
Author Olivia Fox Cabane describes how behaviors of presence play a crucial role in developing charisma. Fox Cabane explains how a lack of presence can be detrimental to a person’s authenticity and she shares tips for maintaining presence in the moment.

image.html?type=ImageMaterialThumbnail&id=3104Video: Do Less

Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media – 2 min. 56 sec.
Entrepreneur Tim O’Reilly illustrates how a focus on doing less can be a major strength for entrepreneurs. Using products and software examples from Square, O’Reilly also explains why society is just beginning to come to grips with the possibilities of integrating software and hardware design into improving human interactions.

Entrepreneurship Corner, a project of Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University, is a collection of recordings from hundreds of Silicon Valley’s most practiced entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The collection offers over 2,400 videos and podcasts, freely available to the public.

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